PS2 Transformers Project

This community is dedicated to the 2004 PlayStation 2 game Transformers, with a particular focus on analyzing the game and speedrunning it.

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Ready Steady Yeti here.

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1Ready Steady Yeti here. Empty Ready Steady Yeti here. on Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:55 pm


I'm Ready Steady Yeti (RSY), and I'm the founder of the PS2 Transformers community, and am thus the main administrator of this forum.

From the viewpoint of those unfamiliar, the 2004 PlayStation 2 game Transformers might just sound like another run-of-the-mill franchise-based game with a generic title, but behind that generic title lies a true video game gem that will never be forgotten by its fanbase. In my opinion, Transformers is literally the best game ever made in history. By extension, I'd probably say the game is especially the best game ever for me personally.

I have several reasons for saying this. Really I could go on about how awesome the game is all day, but I just want to cover some basic points here. First of all, the game is far ahead of its time in many ways. The game features wonderfully animated 3-D models, amazing level design, addictive music, awesome CGI movies, and awesome voice acting. I also greatly praise the gameplay; just playing the game never gets boring, even after you've beaten it several times. As I said on the Discord server recently, the Transformers team very clearly cared a lot about this project, and worked hard at it. Despite how awesome the game is, it unfortunately did not receive worldwide popularity. However, despite being an unpopular game, most people who end up playing the game do indeed love it.

I'm one of those people. The exact time I started playing the game is unknown, but I do know it was between late 2007 and early 2008 (when I was 8 years old). Ever since I started, I became addicted. Besides the aspects I named above, I particularly love exploiting the game as much as possible. This game has a reasonable balance between great gameplay and great glitching.

I became interested in speedrunning (in general) by either 2009 or 2010 (again, exact time is unclear). I had always since fantasized about speedrunning of tool-assisted speedrunning the game. I started testing possible speedrunning methods for this game in July 2012, but never published a speedrun due to personal issues until four years later, July 2016.

Unfortunately, as of the time of this post and probably long after that too, tool-assisted speedrunning for this game is not possible, because PS2 TASing is currently impossible in general due to crummy emulation and little developmental effort. My end goal here is to create a perfect TAS of the game, whenever that will be possible. All of our efforts in the past and now are steps towards that goal.


Let's talk a little bit more about me. I'm primarily a TASer actually; I only speedrun this game because 1.) I care about it so much more than other games I deal with, and 2.) There's no other choice right now. I grew up primarily around consoles of the 2000s decade, and games on those consoles tend to be the ones I deal with as far as TASing goes. For more information about my general TASing efforts, see my user page at TASVideos. For a more general look at what I do as far as gaming goes, see my YouTube channel.

There are a little more off-topic things I should mention about myself. When not focusing on Transformers or other gaming projects, I'm usually spending my time at wikis. I'm a huge supporter of the free-information movement, which, by the way, is one of the reasons that this game should be analyzed as much as possible and that such efforts should be seen by the world. So, as far as wikis go, I'm over at Wiktionary a lot. I'm actually an administrator there. I'm a bit of a word/language nerd, so that's why I spend so much time there. For more information about that, see my user page there. Occasionally, I contribute to Wikipedia as well, but I don't like it there as much. See my user page there as well if you'd like.

I also very much love cartoons and movies. I get into particular obsessions. For instance, I've for a long time been obsessed with Duckman, which is a really good adult animated series that is in a similar situation to Transformers. It's a rare gem, and was popular at the time it was airing, but has mostly been forgotten by modern audiences. Due to my interest in review comedians such as the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic, I also enjoy watching and learning about bad cartoons and movies, and playing bad video games. I'm also a (unpopular) review comedian of bad media myself, but don't have much time to work on those videos because of all the other huge projects I work on.

I'm also an avid reader. I read online documents a lot pertaining to history and related subjects. I like to learn about animal behavior, especially in apes and felines.


I really hope that my community is a success. It is particularly thriving right now compared to anytime before this, but hopefully we will continue to gain new members, discover more new things, and get closer to reaching our goals for many years to come!

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