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This community is dedicated to the 2004 PlayStation 2 game Transformers, with a particular focus on analyzing the game and speedrunning it.

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I believe I should lay out some rules for this forum. I may update these rules as I see fit.

If you have been banned, and believe that this was in error, you may contact me by email at

Please be respectful towards the other members of this community. Attempts to defame, humiliate, or libel certain users are grounds for a ban. Hate speech towards any ethnic, racial, cultural, national, religious, gender, sexuality, educational, political, or socioeconomic groups are also grounds for a ban. Threats will not be tolerated.

No one is required to be online this forum at any given time. While it is strongly discouraged, any user may choose to cease their activity here, and will not be banned simply for inactivity.

This is not a place to promote your product or website. Unless what you're advertising directly has to do with this game, do not post it here. Any such posts will be removed, and spam-only accounts will be banned.

Nonsensical posts (vandalism) are not allowed, except in the Sandbox subforum for testing purposes. Deliberately and solely disruptive accounts will be permanently banned on sight, without warning!

Each user should only have one account, and every account should be limited to one single user. Accounts that violate this rule will be dealt with accordingly.

Legal issues
Please do not post any content that is illegal in the United States, where Forumotion is hosted. This includes links to ROMs or other illegal content. Such content will be deleted on sight, and users posting such content here will most likely be banned.

Personal information
Some personal information, such as your full name, may be given out at your own discretion if you are 18 or older. Minors (users under 18) should not give out such personal information; such information will be hidden from public viewing if so. Do not leak any highly personal information of anyone else under any circumstances.

User passwords on this forum should never be shared for any reason. If someone asks you for your password, report this to site administration immediately. Note that a staff member would never ask for your password under any circumstances. Anyone asking for user passwords will be banned on sight.

Inappropriate content
Please do not post content of sexual nature here. This includes images, videos, links, and text content. Additionally, please do not post gore here.

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