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This community is dedicated to the 2004 PlayStation 2 game Transformers, with a particular focus on analyzing the game and speedrunning it.

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1TheGreenTyphoon here Empty TheGreenTyphoon here on Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:12 am

Well this is going to be interesting...

Well I really don’t no how to begin this, but my love for this game back on the exact release date for this game. Of course at this time I was only nearly 1 year old! The reason I got this game is because after my dad worked on the dev team in Melbourne, so Atari gave him a free copy the day it was released.

My love for the game actually started when I was 5 in 2008, where my brother actually picked it up and played it. I was sitting next to him while he was playing it and he went to the toilet. He apparently came back to see me, a small child, dominating all of the enemies! Ever since I heard that story from him I new it was destiny I would be good at video games.

My main focus on video games today isn’t what you think maybe, because I mainly invest myself in Nintendo, and it’s been that way since 2008 about, when I moved house
and got a wii, but that is a tangent. My side hobby currently is playing and speedrunning transformers.

The next development was in 2010 when my Dad told me about his work on transformers. I didn’t actually come across the game while invested in the franchise itself, my only involvement with it is within the game itself actually. Anyway, I wanted to see the game because my dad had told me about it. So I started playing the game. Obviously, I don’t recall this time, but I probably would have taken around 2 weeks to complete the game on recruit.

The only recollection I have about the game between now and back then is in late 2016/early 2017 when I picked the game up again. I immediately got addicted, spending a lot of time playing it. I ended up 100%ing recruit twice, 100%ing veteran and attempting commander mode, but quickly hit a road block at cyclonus. My dad was super impressed, since he couldn’t even beat unicron on veteran. I then slowly drifted away from the game, shifting my focus back to Nintendo and the switch actually when that came out.

Now, in early 2018 I started getting very interested in speedrunning. Watching agdq really interested me about a lot of games, but ended up landing at a tutorial video series about how to speedrun super mario odyssey. I quickly learned, actually taking physical notes about it, and eventually closed out a run in 1:34:xx, which blew my mind, considering the primitive and beginner strats I was using.

This interesting in speedrunning ended up leaving me at a standpoint. I ran learn to fly for a while but that didn’t really seem appealing after a while. Two days ago, it was July 15th 2018. That was the day that Ready Steady Yeti popped up in my recommended. A video of him beating transformers in 1:09:xx. This boggled my mind, considering I estimated that beating transformers would take around 3 hours. I watched the whole thing, and was super impressed with many tricks like cave skip and car jumping. I joined his discord server, where he told me about all of the work and glitch discovering he has done on this game. Not only was I extremely impressed with his work, but he is single handedly responsible for inspiring me to run this game. Obviously, that was 2 days ago, but so much has happened to me and the small, growing community in that time!

This game is very close to my heart, as I was practically born with people playing it around me. I remember all the times about when my dad talked about him working on the game, and feeling almost proud of myself every time I saw his name in the credits. The feeling is honestly undescribable, and that is how this mesmerising game has always felt for me. Yesterday I attempted to close out a run, no matter the mistakes that were made. I unfortunately couldn’t close out the run, because I had school the next day and needed my sleep.

I honestly don’t know what my goals are currently, become a full time glitchhunter, speedrun for a world record time, work on improving emulation, or even become a mod for the game on (honestly that will never happen, kappa). Either way, I need to thank everyone in the community right now, but I will always thank RSY, for if it wasn’t for him I may have never picked the game up ever again, and working on the game for many years.

This community however, is small and primitive compared to many others, so if you could, post on this forum and also join the discord. I’m sure many of you have ensightful comments about the game, and I will love to hear them. It’s also, as RSY said, a very fantastic game and if you don’t have it I recommend getting a copy from somewhere, because for it’s time, it truly is a masterpiece.

This was TheGreenTyphoon, peace.

(Pssst, hey you, for future transformers content, be sure to check out my yt channel, youtube .com/user/jamesdoesvideogames)

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